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Research results show Sanjiangyuan National Park enjoys better ecological environment更多>>
Yang Songge, a renowned Chinese artist with a focus on portraying landscape in southwestern China, presented a collection of his works featuring New Zealand after his visited the country in September 2013. 2020-10-15
Apart from the general figure, per capita urban disposable income expanded 7 percent in real terms to 26,955 yuan in 2013, while the rural figure rose 9. 2020-10-28
The concept of green development has been integrated into the entire process of socioeconomic development. 2020-10-26
We are not injecting huge capital into Sanlorenzo and we are not targeting a controlling stake because we want to keep the genes of a luxury brand, said Zhao. 2020-10-17
She wants to give power to the people but did not give power to the prime minister, said Prakash Javadekar, the BJPs national spokesman. 2020-10-23
But word didnt reach the throne for two generations. 2020-10-9
Click for latest update02:06Homeless quake survivors sleep in tents as the rain falls on quake-hit Baoxing county in Yaan city of Southwest Chinas Sichuan province, April 23, 2013. 2020-10-24
The candidates were tested in multiple subjects including piano, violin and erhu (a two-stringed bowed instrument). 2020-10-4
Coup plot generals arrested in Venezuela更多>>
I believe Chinas urbanization has huge potential with great opportunities, and the development of the countrys economy will also be sustained in the upcoming decades, Zheng said. 2020-10-28
Even her five-year-old son Lin Xuan wants a brother or sister. 2020-10-27
Practically all our coconut trees broke in half, Abad said. 2017-2-20
According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the carrier is allowed to use the AsiaSat-6 satellite for Wi-Fi services on its 21 aircraft from June 5. 2017-11-12
According to the report, by international accounting firm Grant Thornton, women now hold 81 percent of human resources director positions in China, and 61 percent of chief financial officer roles, which its researchers said were roles which particularly require detail control and communications skills. 2015-8-7
The bombing killed two people on the spot and incurred financial losses of about 127,000 yuan (,320). 2016-7-2
Nobel Literature Laureate Mo Yan signs books for his fans at the Red Sorghum Cultural Festival in Gaomi city, Shandong province, on Oct 29, 2012. 2018-5-18
7 million passengers Saturday while the countrys roads are dealing with a combined passenger volume of 80. 2019-7-31
Enterprises from Beijing invested 114 billion yuan (.
Royal Ascot worked with the China Horse Club and China Merchants Bank this year, each of whom invited a group of guests to the races.
The draft takes a tough line on advertisements for medicine and healthcare products.
Shortly afterwards, reports surfaced of unidentified Russian-speaking armed forces in trucks with Russian identification plates in Crimea -- Russia identified them as self-defense troops to protect against anti-Semitic attacks and threats to Russian speakers.
Parts of North and Northeast China, as well as Central and East China will see a temperature drop of six to eight degrees Celsius, or even 10 degrees Celsius in some regions on Sunday and Monday, said the NMC.
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Chinas top 10 cities for salaries Dreams of flying high.  5 trillion dollars, or 20.
I cant build my vegetable greenhouse in a land of poison.  So we support the establishment of an independent State of Palestine on the basis of the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital living in peace with Israel.
Scientist stumbles on cure for monthly cramps更多>>
The accumulation of evidence is that the aircraft has been lost and it has been lost somewhere in the south of the Indian Ocean, AFP quoted Abbott as saying at the Perth military base coordinating the search. 2019-9-2 
In 2010, 22 Chinese companies went public on the NYSE Euronexts exchanges. 2015-1-20 
Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (C) is greeted by US Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall (L) as he arrives at Andrews Air Force base near Washington, February 21, 2013. 2018-6-11 
72-year-old Liu Qianping, also known as MaDiGaGa, poses for a modelling shoot in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou Nov 24, 2012. 2018-4-15 
Elemens spokesman, Eric Rose, said in response to Blochs remarks, We cant wait to see Ms. 2016-1-27 
Domestically, while reducing overcapacity, deleveraging and adjusting the economic structure, China has entered a period of medium-to-high growth. 2017-7-31 
The group doesnt provide details on profits. 2019-7-13 
  2013 China Intl Boat Show kicks off in Zhoushan更多>>
For example the Olympic Park with the Birds Nest and the Water Cube, the Lama-Temple, the Ming Tombs and the Beijing Zoo. 2015-10-12 
Meanwhile, they want medical institutions, commercial centers, government agencies, college and research facilities, nursing homes and high-tech companies to stay, according to the survey. 2017-3-5 
McGaw is one of thousands of local workers employed at Wanxiang who could otherwise be jobless. 2018-1-11 
For Chen Jie, who quit her job at HSBC three years ago and is now a homemaker, the festival means a day of quality family time. 2017-5-16 
The old home of the late president Liu Shaoqi and the Miyin Temple are just two of Ningxiang countys many historical sites. 2017-8-27 
One challenge will be the implementation of reforms. 2017-8-8 
Experts said nations should resort to dialogue to resolve territorial disputes Amid escalating tensions in the South and East China seas, a senior Chinese military officer told smaller countries - emboldened by backing from other major world powers - not to stir up trouble. 2015-7-17 
HK lawmakers reject election reform motion更多>>
More than 80 percent of wealthy Chinese want to send their children overseas to school, according to the Hurun Report, a Shanghai-based publication. 2016-5-21 
International students make up around a quarter of total immigration, according to official figures. 2015-12-11 
6 percentage points from 2012. 2018-12-19 
They are guarding entrances and exits and checking identity documents, and are ready to deal with any emergencies. 2016-11-11 
[Photo/China Daily]ONeill, who coined the term BRICs to describe the emerging nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China collectively, says: China is in the early stages of going from a long period where it was all about the quantity of growth, into an era where the focus will be more on the quality of growth. 2019-10-31 
The year 2016 has seen the takeoff of the online streaming industry in the country. 2016-6-23 
Lax supervision by the authorities is also a major factor behind illegal discharges, added Chang, who gave lectures to environmental protection officials in Gansu two weeks ago. 2018-9-15 
The two emerging economies need each other for their domestic development, Jiang said. 2018-10-6 
  Food security more than just quantity更多>>
Pig farms across China have more than 700 million pigs, according to the ministry. 2015-11-22 
Yao Caiming, president of Fujian Mingdao Industrial Co, bought Yangyu Island in Fuzhous Lianjiang county in 2012. 2016-7-29 
Hunting permissionsSeven US citizens who had requested permission to hunt in China rescinded their application last year after the requests sparked heated debate on animal rights among the public, a senior forestry official said on Monday. 2016-5-3 
The festival could also be one of the greatest culinary events on the planet. 2016-6-17 
According to unnamed sources, Tencent is said to be investing in JD, Chinas second-largest e-commerce player after Alibaba. 2017-9-6 
But this year, at least five deadly attacks by terrorists and religious extremists linked to the Xinjiang autonomous region have occurred in northwest China. 2018-10-16 
The injured are receiving treatment in hospital and are said to be in stable condition. 2017-9-21 
However, the scandals have triggered many disputes about the channel as well as the awards. 2019-4-8 
Brazilian police arrest suspects linked to ruling party for bribery更多
Marc Jacobs creates Kate Moss Playboy t-shirt更多
  The controversial new service is called zhuanche, which means exclusive car, in China. Sports Assistant Minister Kabando Wa Kabando was at hand to receive the documentation from Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Guangyuan. It contains evidence of several ancient volcanoes that caused huge explosions. The accelerated aging of the Chinese society did not become apparent until years later, and the government had not yet openly welcomed foreign capital in the gray industry. In June 2016, Bank of China paid million to buy an office building in Sydney.
  The 42-year-old is a big fan of bird watching and drives to the nature reserve almost every weekend with his friends and families. Official data show that loosened controls on capital and widened access to sectors that remain closed or restricted for foreign firms elsewhere have led to a surge in new business registrations and cross-border transactions in these zones between January and March of this year. Zhang Guangming, the countys magistrate, confirmed that corn ears, or the head of the plant, sold for 7. Zhou Qiang, the top courts president, said: We promise that more judgments from other areas, including the Tibet autonomous region, will also be disclosed.